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At Optics 1 we work with every customer as a partner from the initial concept phase through post-sales support. We take pride in developing solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

In addition to designing and developing our own products, we have maintained our core expertise in rapid innovation, optical and opto-mechanical design.

    Rangefinding – The safe way to measure with speed and precision

Laser rangefinding (LRF) is one of Ultisense’s proven core competencies. Our modules exhibit high performance characteristics yet minimal in size and weight, leveraging industry leader’s Safran Vectronix LRF technologies. Our LRF’s are made available to system integrators looking for a convenient, easy-to integrate, yet powerful and compact module solution to meet their specific needs for LRF.

The LRF modules uphold the Vectronix standard of quality and are meticulously hand-assembled by highly skilled specialists. Each module is based on proven and safe diode laser technology and come ready-to-use with calibrated and bore sighted transmitter and receiver optics that are integrated into a stable bench. These features make the LRF modules the idea addition to any system designed to meet Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) objectives of the most demanding customers in the defense and security industry.

Pictured: Ultisense LRF 3013

• Easy integration – existing or new systems
• Class I eye-safe laser – allows unrestricted operation and is invisible to I2 sensors
• Best performance-to-weight ratio – meets any SWaP requirement
• Accuracy – solutions available down to 50cm
• Long range – solutions available up to 30,000m
• Tough and reliable - temperature, vibration, and shock-resistant; tested to MIL-STD-810
• Proven technology – uses dependable diode and fiber laser

Customized Solutions
Missing a suitable off-the-shelf product? Optics 1 offers to develop a specific LRF solution for your individual system. In close cooperation with you, we adapt our technology to your application.

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