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Laser Systems


The I-CUGR provides more accurate first round hits with minimal training. The result is cost savings by:

• Reducing weapons maintenance costs due to lower round count

• Reducing ammunition costs from increased first round hits

• Increased lethality while using currently fielded equipment




Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder (I-CUGR)

Confident first round hits

The Optics 1 Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder (I-CUGR) mounts to a weapon system using the standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail System giving the operator the ability to range man-sized targets out to 1500 meters without taking hands off the weapon system. Without additional effort or moving off position, the digital display provides users with distance information in meters or yards.

Developed as a modular system, the I-CUGR can be used on all types of military Sniper, CQB, or crew-served weapon systems (adaptor required) and can be used with all types of bullet designs and calibers. The simple two-button operation allows for ease of use on the device or with a remote so the shooter’s hands never leave the weapon. The I-CUGR consumes very little power, allowing for extended use, and is ruggedized for military operations.

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