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Precision Targeting

Optics 1 understands military requirements and the importance of managing a complex electro-optical program and providing the best services before and after our products are shipped to the customer.

Handheld Precision Targeting Device (HHPTD)

The HHPTD is a lightweight, multi-functional, fully integrated sensor that provides accurate target coordinates for precision target engagement. The multispectral device delivers precision target coordinates by utilizing multiple north-finding solutions and displays a ninety percent target location error (TLE90) measurement in the bi-ocular eyepiece.

This field-proven system provides precision target measurements and long-range observation capability in day or night and under all-weather environments.

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High-Resolution Thermal Viewer (HRTV)

The HRTV is a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system that provides operators with top-end situational awareness and advanced connectivity in the battlefield. Fully-integrated in less than 4.4 lb (including battery), the HRTV meets the most demanding expectations of dismounted operators - including Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP).

HRTV provides increased situational awareness at any time thanks to the integration of three complementary long range video channels: Cooled Thermal, Color Day, and Low-Light Level.

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MOSKITO TI (Lightweight Multi-Purpose Target Locator)

The MOSKITO TI combines higher usability, lower weight, and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Incorporating Vectronix’ performance history, it is reliable in all conditions and gives dismounted infantry and special forces exactly what they need for full 24-hour situational awareness.

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